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Rochester Literature Festival

Murderous Medway

The Rochester Literature Festival is a voluntary, community and non-profit making organisation run by writers for readers, writers – and those who consider themselves neither!


Lisa is a Patron of the Rochester Lit Festival and during this incredible talk, she chatted to former police intelligence analyst Elizabeth Haynes and former WPC Gina Kirkham about how much freedom they can allow artistic licence to override procedures when crafting their novels. 

- 21st September 2019

Westgate on Sea Literary Festival

During Westgate on Sea's Literary Festival, Lisa and William Shaw chatted over Afternoon Tea. Not only did tickets sell out, but the event itself was a fantastic afternoon of sumptuous afternoon tea and fascinating and funny conversation with these two outstanding Crime Authors.

- March 2019

julie Wassmer (1).jpg

Canterbury Library Kent

Lisa and fellow crime writer Julie Wassmer were at Canterbury Library giving a talk on their latest books and chatting all things crime.

- August 2018

ITV This Morning Show

Lisa was live on ITV's This Morning talking all things Broadchurch.

- April 2017

lisa cutts itv.jpg
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